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Block Out the Noise, Find Your Peace

Living in a noisy environment can be draining. Whether it's the constant buzz of the city or the disruptive sounds from neighbours, finding peace and quiet at home or work becomes a struggle.

It's not just about creating a serene atmosphere; it's about reclaiming control over your space and ensuring you can relax and concentrate without distractions.  

How to Soundproof a wall?

Soundproofing a wall requires strategic techniques to minimize sound transmission effectively. Enhancing the wall's capacity to absorb and dampen sound energy is paramount. One such method involves decoupling, which disrupts the path of sound transmission by constructing an air gap. This impedes the vibration's ability to travel through solid materials, significantly reducing noise transfer. Additionally, incorporating resilience into the structure enables the wall to flex and absorb vibrations, akin to the suspension springs in a car absorbing bumps in the road. Moreover, bolstering the wall with extra layers of mass aids in blocking airborne noise, as various types of mass effectively attenuate different frequencies of sound.

At Decibel we believe in innovations and simplicity. Revolutionizing the soundproofing industry, our cutting-edge systems offer a remarkable solution that is thinner, more efficient, and eco-friendly compared to traditional bulky and innefectivealternatives. 


With their innovative design, they provide superior sound insulation while maintaining a slim profile and  user-friendly nature, making them ideal for DIY enthusiasts seeking hassle-free installation, avoiding fitting "experts" and the mess they leave behind. 


Ideal for Solid, Concrete and Brick Walls

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Ideal for Solid, Stud and Partition walls

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How to Soundproof a wall in a day?

How do our Wall Soundproofing solutions work?

Our wall soundproofing solutions function by layering acoustic materials to effectively block sound waves, forming a robust barrier against noise intrusion. These solutions encompass various soundproofing products, including high-density gypsum fiber boards, mass-loaded membranes, high-dentisy acoustic foams, specialized elastomers, and other sound-dampening components, ensuring superior performance.

What are the Benefits of our Wall Soundproofing solutions?

The benefits of our wall soundproofing solutions extend beyond noise reduction, enhancing comfort and safety in any environment. By minimizing both external and internal noise, our solutions foster tranquility, reduce distractions, and promote better sleep quality. Moreover, they offer protection against potential health hazards associated with prolonged exposure to loud noises, such as hearing impairment.

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What to Consider when choosing Wall Soundproofing solution?

When selecting a wall soundproofing solution, several crucial factors come into play. Determining the required level of sound reduction and choosing suitable soundproofing materials are paramount considerations. For instance, for optimal soundproofing performance, the MUTE system with 63mm thickness and DCvisco membrane is the recommended solution. The thickness of the soundproofing material influences its insulation capabilities, with higher-performing solutions typically occupying more space but offering superior sound insulation. 

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