A DIY Guide to Room Acoustics with DECIBEL

A DIY Guide to Room Acoustics with DECIBEL

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The atmosphere defines the environment of sound.
Bill Laswell

Unveiling the hidden power of acoustics, we're here to transform your living spaces into harmonious havens. Welcome to a symphony of sound, where every corner resonates with clarity and tranquillity.

At DECIBEL, we understand the artistry of acoustics, and in this blog, we're your guides to creating the perfect soundscape right within your home. Whether you're a music fanatic, a home theatre enthusiast, or simply seeking a quiet shelter, our DIY room acoustic guide complemented by DECIBEL's curated products will redefine the way you experience sound.

Understanding Room Acoustics

Before we embark on our exploration of DECIBEL's acoustic solutions, it's essential to grasp the fundamental concept of room acoustics. The characteristics of your room, including its size, shape, and materials present, significantly influence the behaviour of sound within it. Effective acoustic treatment hinges on the intricate interplay between three crucial factors: reflection, absorption, and diffusion.

  • Reflection involves how sound waves bounce off surfaces within a room. Uncontrolled reflections can lead to unwanted echoes and a muddled auditory experience.
  • Absorption, on the other hand, deals with the ability of materials to soak up sound energy. Strategically placing absorption materials can help control reverberation and create a more focused sonic environment.
  • Lastly, diffusion disperses sound waves in various directions, reducing the intensity of direct reflections and producing a more balanced and natural sound.

When these elements are harmoniously balanced, the outcome is a space that optimises sound quality. Clarity is enhanced, echoes are minimised, and each musical note, spoken word, or sound is delivered with utmost precision. Through an understanding of room acoustics, we pave the way for DECIBEL's acoustic solutions to not only address sound-related challenges but also elevate auditory experiences to new heights.

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The Ultimate Acoustic Arsenal

Acoustic Panels

These stylish and functional wonders absorb sound reflections, ensuring that your space echoes with clarity and balance. From sleek contemporary designs to timeless classics, DECIBEL's acoustic panels elevate your space while transforming its sonic character.

Our collection of acoustic panels marries form and function, turning your walls into canvases of both art and sound control. Choose from an array of designs and colours that align with your aesthetic while transforming your space's sonic character.

Bass Traps

For audiophiles who crave deep, rich lows, our bass traps offer the solution. Placed strategically in room corners, they tame excessive bass resonance, ensuring every note is heard with impeccable clarity. Unruly bass frequencies can muddy your auditory canvas. Our bass traps take care of this by absorbing excessive low frequencies, leaving you with a well-defined soundscape that resonates with precision.





For those seeking a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality, our diffusers scatter sound waves, eliminating harsh reflections and adding a touch of elegance to your environment. Crafted to perfection, they bring a touch of elegance while enhancing the acoustics of your room.

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Suspended from above, these acoustic clouds-alike baffles ensure that your space doesn't just look stunning, but also delivers the ultimate sound. Bid farewell to unwanted echoes and revel in clear audio quality. These ceiling baffles enhance sound quality while creating a breathtaking visual impact.

DIY Room Acoustic Transformation: Step by Step


Begin by evaluating your room's acoustics. Identify areas with excessive echo, bass buildup, or unwanted reflections. Here is what we use for measuring sound.


Plan where each acoustic product should be placed. Consider wall coverage, corner treatment, and overhead solutions for comprehensive sound optimisation.


With DECIBEL's easy-to-follow installation guides, mounting acoustic panels, bass traps, or diffusers become a breeze. No specialised skills are required!


As you step into your transformed space, you'll notice an immediate difference. Music sounds richer, dialogue clearer, echo removed and the ambience becomes a seamless part of your sonic experience.


Echoes of Knowledge

With DECIBEL's thoughtfully designed products and your creative vision, the realm of room acoustics is yours to command. No more muddled soundscapes. Embrace an auditory journey that's harmonious, immersive, and tailored to your unique preferences.

From music enthusiasts to movie buffs, and everyone in between, a DIY room acoustic project with DECIBEL is an investment in the quality of your sonic life. Let’s craft together your acoustic story.


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