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    Who we are

    DECIBEL is an engineering and production company, founded in 2012 in Sofia.
    Today, DECIBEL is one of the largest manufacturers of sound insulation and acoustic solutions available in over 42 countries on 3 continents.

    We have our representative offices in Florida, UK, Austria, Romania and Serbia.

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    Production Facility

    DECIBEL factory opened in 2014 and is located in Botevgrad, Bulgaria.

    Today, part of the production of DECIBEL is robotized, while the fine details are done by our skilled artisans with precise hands.

    Daily from our factory are shipped hundreds of acoustic and soundproofing products all gone trough strict quality inspection.

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    Scientific Background

    We develop, test, and certify our acoustic panels up to European acoustic standards.

    Our R&D department is led by Ph.D. Ms.C. Eng. TSVETAN NEDKOV - the CEO of DECIBEL.

    We regularly post scientific papers and are members of various noise and acoustic-related associations around the world.

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    The Founders

    Diana and Tsvetan started DECIBEL with the idea to revolutionize the effectiveness of the soundproofing and acoustic solutions and to simplify the installation and handling.

    Their concept of simplifying and modernising the acoustical materials underlies the development and creation of every DECIBEL product.

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    The Team

    Our pride and greatest achievement.

    Our team consists of great individuals, who do their best to contribute to each customer's experience and the development of the company.

    Our team members are located globally and serve customers depending on their location.

    Our manufacturing team is located in Bulgaria and consists of 25 skilled engineers, artisans, and technical specialists.

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    Our friends, our fans

    We pride ourselves on the trust among our clients. During the last decade in business, we have built an impeccable reputation for being honest, approachable, and always walking that extra- mile for our clients. For that reason, we call our clients our friends while they claim to be our fans :)


How we prepare your order?

When you place an order with us, we need no more than 2 working days to pack it and give it to the shipping partner. We include insurance on each shipment and you receive tracking information as soon as your order leaves our factory.

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