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Echo Wave - Acoustic hanging textile baffle

Wave Acoustic Baffle is a suspended acoustic panel that helps control the acoustics and decrease the noise levels in public and industrial spaces.

The advantage of the Wave baffle technology is that it absorbs sound from both sides (double area), while being able to visually conceal cables and installations mounted on the ceiling. Depending on the distance between the baffles, an amendment in the sound absorption coefficient is achieved.

In addition to the distances between the baffles, the height and the distances to the ceiling also help to achieve and amend the sound absorption coefficient. This makes Wave baffle a preferred solution for the acousticians, who can handle a variety of acoustic tasks just 'playing' with distances.

Wave is a very suitable solution for setting up the first sound reflections in industrial premises where, despite the installed local noise barriers, the expected result might not been achieved.

One of the advantages of Wave is that its installation technology is very suitable for rooms with ceilings  where multiple communications are running. On such “busy” ceilings where horizontal baffles, acoustic ceiling panels or raster suspended ceilings are not applicable, Wave is the most workable solution.

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The different sizes and rich color palette allows architects and designers to improve the acoustics of office spaces where the baffle can be transformed into a beautifully accented detail. The size and arrangement of the baffles creates a "live" composition on the ceilings. The baffles can be additionally complimented with build in LED lighting.


Standard dimensions:  100 x 30 cm / 100 x 50 cm; 
Available thicknesses:  5 cm. 
Dimension tolerance: ± 2 %

Acoustic Performance

The acoustic textile baffle contributes to the acoustic performance of the panels making them an ideal solution for rooms with poor acoustics and in need of an aesthetic and sophisticated design.

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Can be installed on walls & ceilings For detailed information, please see the installation guide below

Care Instructions

The fabric finish is durable, and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth or using mild detergent.