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The uplifting power of silence.
Elevate the acoustic experience of your space to new levels as it effectively reduces noise and creates a tranquil environment.

Introducing our C-MUTE SYSTEM™, the perfect solution to enhance the soundproofing of your ceiling! Developed and meticulously refined by our dedicated R&D department at DECIBEL, this innovative system offers exceptional performance and reliability for all your sound insulation needs.

Suitable for various settings, including residential properties, offices, studios, restaurants, bars, and even home cinemas, the C-MUTE SYSTEM™ provides highly effective and reliable sound insulation.

C-MUTE panels have dimensions of 120x100cm and cover a 1.2 m2 area of the ceiling. Panels come in three thickness options - 23mm, 33mm, and 63mm, providing you with the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

The panels are ingeniously mounted using our patented anti-vibration DClox™ fastening elements. Crafted from special elastomers, these fasteners serve as highly effective vibro insulation point connections between the existing ceiling and the panel. By minimizing the contact area between the soundproofing panels and the ceiling to below 1%, they drastically reduce sound transmission rates, creating a truly insulated environment.

The price shown below is per panel and also includes 8 pcs of DClox, dowels, screws, and washers, that are needed for the installation of C-MUTE system panels.

It is recommended to finish the installation with a 12.5 or 15 mm gypsum board layer.


Vi har omhyggelig testet og sertifisert C-MUTE SYSTEM™ for sin akustiske ytelse. Vektet luftbårne lydereduksjonsindeks (Rw) oppfyller de høyeste standardene fastsatt i EN ISO 10140-2:2010.

Luftbårne lydereduksjonsindeks (Rw) er angitt nedenfor.


To enhance soundproofing performance even further, we offer a range of accessories designed to maximize the effectiveness of the C-MUTE SYSTEM™ and cater to specific soundproofing requirements:

  • DClant™ – Sound and Vibro insulating sealant, which adds +3 dB to the system. It is used to cover the holes and fugues of C-MUTE panels and Dclox elements. One cartridge of 310 ml. Is sufficient for 3 MUTE panels.
  • DCvisco™ – Sound and Vibro insulating membrane, which adds +3 dB to the system. It is used for sound dampening between C-MUTE panel and finishing gypsum board layer. The membrane has 1.8mm thickness.
  • DCstrip™ – Sound and Vibro isolating self-adhesive tape which adds +2 dB to the system. It is used on the perimeter of the ceiling, in order for the existing walls not to have a direct connection with the C-MUTE panels. 1 roll is sufficient for approximately 10m2 of the ceiling.
  • DCscrew 19 - Screw for securely connecting edges of the C-MUTE panels. Dimensions 3.9 x 30 mm. There are 100 screws in a pack, which is sufficient for approximately 10m2 area.
  • DCscrew 30 - Screw for connection of gypsum board (finishing layer) and C-MUTE panel. Dimensions 3.9 x 30 mm. There are 100 screws in a pack, which is sufficient for approximately 10m2 area.


C-MUTE-panelene er sikkert festet til det eksisterende taket med vårt patenterte anti-vibrasjons-DClox™Fastgjøringselementer. Disse spesielt konstruerte fester, laget av elastomerer, fungere som punkttilkopling for å redusere lydvibrasjoner og sikre optimal lydisolering.

For detaljert installasjonsguide, se trinn-for-trinn instruksjonsvideoen nedenfor.


Systemet vårt har en brannmotstandsklassifisering på B, s1 - d0, i samsvar med EN ISO 13501-1: 2018, noe som sikrer sikkerhet og trygghet.

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