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ACER - perforated acoustic panel

The ACER Panel is an acoustic lining for achieving optimum sound absorption in the mid-range frequency (300 - 600Hz).

The location, depth, and length of the openings, type of material and finishing plane, the cellular structure of the porous material, the total thickness of the panel, as well as other parameters, are the result of thorough research and experiment.

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The ACER panels are suitable for interior use in offices, stores, restaurants, bars, recording studios, and home cinemas.

Glue with Installation foam on the wall or ceiling; install via fixie on the wall.


Standard dimensions: 50 x 50 x 5,7 cm
When installing leave at least 2mm gap for optimal 
Dimension tolerance: ± 2 %

Acoustic Performance

Perforated panels are acoustic linings for achieving optimal acoustic performance in mid range frequency (300-900Hz)

Veneer colour
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Can be installed on walls & ceilings For detailed information, please see the installation guide below

Care Instructions

Before installation: Flat lying in a cool dry place.
After installation: Clean with a clean damp cloth. No pressing.