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Complete solution for soundproofing walls with thin, effective, and easy-to-install panels.

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Insonorização de paredes finas DIY desenvolvida por acústicos para uma eficiência comprovada.
Uma caixa contém 2 painéis. Uma caixa tem 1,08m2.

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Everything that you need for your successful installation is here

Deciboard Super Adhesive
Deciboard Super Adhesive

DECIBOARD super adesivo

Pull-Saw Cutter
Pull-Saw Cutter

DECIBOARD serra puxada

Easy Acoustic Finish TEAF
O Acabamento Acústico Fácil (TEAF)
Easy Acoustic Finish TEAF
O Acabamento Acústico Fácil (TEAF)

O Acabamento Acústico Fácil (TEAF)

Craft Knife Cutter
Craft Knife Cutter

Faca artesanal para TEAF


See what others say about their soundproofing journey...

What people say about DECIBOARD.
Client testimonial about the great soundproofing effect of DECIBOARD

Why is DECIBOARD different from conventional soundproofing?


Specially designed overlapping edges to prevent noise flanking

Only 38mm

Very thin, self-levelling panel which is easy to handle


Only 9 contact points = less than 3% contact area with the wall, so that no vibrations are trasmitted


High density = highly effective soundproofing characteristics of the face sheet


Developed by acousticians

4 years of R&D 

DECIBOARD has been developed by DECIBEL's R&D department - a global leader in developing and producing innovative breakthrough solutions for sound insulation and acoustics.
DECIBOARD is acoustically tested and manufactured under strict quality supervision.

Less contact area

97% Less noise transmission

Standard sound insulation materials are directly applied to the wall giving 100% contact area - any excitation of the board will transmit through the wall.
DECIBOARD has 9 contact points, only 3% contact area ensuring any excitation of the board will not transfer to the wall.

Engineered performance

No noise leakage 

Standard soundproofing panels leak noise through their joints.
DECIBOARD's unique shape has been designed and tested with long overlapping joints, that block out noise and assure no noise leakage between the panels.

DECIBOARD sound reduction performance

Terry L. from London says: "I was sceptical at first..."

I have a long story in the soundproofing department, which started 2 years ago, when I realised that I can not sleep and work because of the noises coming from the new owners next to me. As a modern person, I tried to research and educate myself on all the best available in the UK market. I tried amazon and other multi-brand stores and also some specialised places. All was good but I am not going into detail about the lengths of the process, the investment and the troubles, as I was mostly interested in the result. Well, there is a difference I must admit, but sometimes I was still able to hear random neighbour noises.
  In June 2022 I became a father and working from home got another meaning. I often had to sleep in a guest bedroom as our little one was giving us some frequent wake-ups. So moving into the spare bedroom from time to time I realised that it also needed soundproofing, as entering this room definitely was showing what soundproofing has improved for us in our other rooms ( living room and bedroom). This time the only problem was that I did not want to have the whole demolition, painting, and workers at home with the baby. So I started researching and I found something brand new that I did not encounter when I was doing my first soundproofing in 2020. DECIBOARD seemed to be all I needed especially since it offered an additional layer - the easy acoustic finish, as this makes the system practically ready with no plastering and painting. Everything seemed decent, the technical data sheets, the comparisons and the promises that the company was giving. But, I had no clue if that was worth it and as a new product, I was concerned that it wasn’t tested. I was a bit scared I must admit. A few weeks later I decided that as this was not my main bedroom I shall test it. I ordered everything and actually called to the company to make sure they are real :D :D
  Everything was delivered to me within a week. Meanwhile, I have watched their installation video many times and I started to feel it was very easy to do it myself ( I am not very good at this). Once it arrived It all looked like a huge pizza delivery :) Every two panels - 1sqm. Were packed in a separate box and the glue and the knives were also in separate boxes, very nice and tidy. I started the installation on Saturday morning as I have put the furniture aside the evening before. On the first day, I was ready with 11 square meters of DECIBOARD panels and the next day I finished the remaining 3 square metres + installed TEAF - which is much easier and fester. On Sunday late afternoon, I was ready. But the biggest surprise was that the effect was dramatically better than in my other rooms. I truly believe this has to do a lot with the TEAF, which actually “gives” silence when you stand close to it. Absolutely astonishing. This is now the bedroom that we go to when we want to truly get a great night's sleep and I also started working there.
  I am impressed and happy that I took this “risk” and can definitely recommend DECIBOARD and TEAF as really innovative and very effective solutions for walls. Once you try, you will not go back to conventional soundproofing." 

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Why we recommend finishing your DECIBOARD wall with The Easy Acoustic Finish (TEAF)


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