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Silence reinvented.
Optimize your space with future-proof innovative solutions.

Decibel Block System™ is a sound insulation system for walls, suitable for the highest level of sound insulation for residential premises, public premises and industrial buildings. The system of sound insulating and sound absorbing boards are installed on existing walls by vibro insulating hangers and a supporting construction. The sound insulating properties of Decibel Block System™ are between 15 and 24 db depending on the type and thickness of the wall. This system is suitable also for installation to light partition elements made of gypsum board. The used combination of sound insulating materials with different density and elasticity, together with sound absorbing layer with further increased area, and the vibro insulating fasteners guarantee the achievement of high soundproofing results.


We have meticulously tested and certified the MUTE SYSTEM™ for its acoustic performance. The weighted airborne sound reduction index (Rw) meets the highest standards set out in EN ISO 10140-2:2010.

Airborne sound reduction index (Rw) charts are provided below.


To enhance soundproofing performance even further, we offer a range of accessories designed to maximize the effectiveness of the MUTE SYSTEM™ and cater to specific soundproofing requirements:

  • DClant™ – Sound and Vibro insulating sealant, which adds +3 dB to the system. It is used to cover the holes and fugues of MUTE panels and Dclox elements. One cartridge of 310 ml. Is sufficient for 3 MUTE panels.
  • DCvisco™ – Sound and Vibro insulating membrane, which adds +3 dB to the system. It is used for sound dampening between MUTE panel and finishing gypsum board layer. The membrane has 1.8mm thickness.
  • DCstrip™ – Sound and Vibro isolating self-adhesive tape which adds +2 dB to the system. It is used on the perimeter of the wall, in order for the existing walls, ceiling and floor not to have a direct connection with the MUTE panels. 1 roll is sufficient for approximately 10m2 of the wall.
  • DCscrew 19 - Screw for securely connecting edges of the MUTE panels. Dimensions 3.9 x 30 mm. There are 100 screws in a pack, which is sufficient for approximately 10m2 area.
  • DCscrew 30 - Screw for connection of gypsum board (finishing layer) and MUTE panel. Dimensions 3.9 x 30 mm. There are 100 screws in a pack, which is sufficient for approximately 10m2 area.


The MUTE panels are securely fastened to your existing walls using our patented anti-vibration DClox™ fastening elements. These specially engineered fasteners, made of elastomers, act as a point connection to reduce sound vibrations and ensure optimal soundproofing.

For detailed installation guide, please refer to the step-by-step instructional video below.

Fire Resistance

Our system carries a fire resistance classification of B, s1 - d0, complying with EN ISO 13501-1:2018, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Packaging & Shipping

MUTE system panels are packed on pallets and enclosed with styrofoam walls for safe transportation. The DClox elements and all the additional accessories are packed on top of the pallets. 

We deliver the pallet straight to your address in up to 5 business days.

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