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New heights of sound insulation.
Elevate your soundproofing system performance, creating an environment of exceptional serenity.

The DCvisco Soundproofing Membrane is an exceptional product designed to enhance the sound insulation capabilities of noise insulation systems. Crafted with a synthetic, viscoelastic, PVC-based material, this membrane significantly increases the density of sound insulation, making it perfect for use in various applications.

The 1.8mm thickness of the membrane acts as a vibration-damping layer, minimizing noise transmission and reducing resonance frequencies. The lightweight nature of the membrane ensures easy handling and installation, without adding excessive weight to the overall sound insulation system.

Its application in the MUTE SYSTEM adds up to 3 dB noise reduction to the sound insulation system when placed between the MUTE panel and the gypsum board (finishing layer).

The membrane is eco-friendly as well, made from 80% recycled PVC, ensuring a responsible choice for your soundproofing needs.

The membrane comes in rolls, with a standard 1-meter width. The length of the roll can be customized according to your project requirements to minimize wastage and maximize efficiency. 

The price below is per one square meter. You should select the quantity equivalent to the square meter area of the wall/ceiling you wish to cover.

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Packaging & Shipping

Packed on Pallets and delivered to your address in up to 5 business days.

Sound Reduction Index

DCvisco Soundproofing membrane mass loaded vinyl chart