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DCstrip - Soundproofing Tape

One strip at a time.
A practical solution for reducing noise leaks, allowing you to create a reliable sound barrier without compromising on convenience or performance.

DCstrip™ is specifically designed to be applied along the perimeter of the MUTE soundproofing system. With its impressive lower impedance, this tape acts as a reflector of longitudinal bending sound waves, resulting in an increase in sound insulation of up to 2 dB.

Crafted from high-quality anti-vibration and soundproof elastomer, the DCstrip ensures exceptional performance. Our experts have precisely selected the optimal ratio between mechanical strength, elasticity, and dynamic stiffness, guaranteeing an extremely efficient soundproofing solution.

Each roll of DCstrip comes with a length of 13.5 meters, which is suitable for approximately 10 square meters of wall, ceiling or floor.

With its self-adhesive backing, simply apply the tape along the perimeter and experience an immediate improvement in sound insulation.

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