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The perfect harmony of performance and style.
Enhancing your environment with its sleek design and exceptional acoustic qualities.

Dpact soundproofing membrane is a proven, state-of-the-art solution for all your floor soundproofing needs. It is sourced and produced using the best-grade materials and cutting-edge technology. Highly functional and easy to use, Dpact membrane is an acoustic solution that fits into virtually any type of flooring plan.

The membrane is formulated from closed-cell crosslinked polyethylene and incorporates a specially improved formulation for acoustic insulation. It hosts a loss of material thickness at a load that is minimal, guaranteeing durability and effectiveness. Furthermore, it is engineered to be waterproof and heat-insulating, adding additional layers of comfort to your space. Most importantly, our membrane is constructed to be free of CFCs, making it environmentally friendly.

One of the standout features of the Dpact is its lightweight design. It's extremely easy to handle, which simplifies the work process and makes it stress-free. With its easy-to-cut and flexible characteristics, the membrane can be customized to fit a variety of floor plans and designs. 

Despite its lightweight nature, this soundproofing solution delivers robust performance and effective noise insulation. Sound insulation against impact noise: ΔLw = 35 dB (5 mm) / ΔLw = 37 dB (10 mm).

The installation process of the membrane is direct and straightforward. It is carried out directly on the slab under the concrete layer. Instead of using nails or screws, which can impair the integrity of the product, the membrane size should overlap by at least 2 cm on each of the rows. Moreover, the membrane must continue on the walls for at least 10 cm in every installation, therefore creating a continuum of sound absorption material. Dpact can be installed under or overheating pipes without any hindrance.

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Dpact Soundproofing membrane for floor impact noise insulation chart