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Sanctuary of peace and quiet.
Design an environment that perfectly balances tranquility and style.

Designed using cutting-edge technology, this high-tech panel is specifically created to enhance sound insulation and minimize unwanted noise.

The VISTO soundproofing panel is engineered with a combination of specialized layers, surpassing the sound insulation capabilities of traditional materials such as glasswool, rockwool, or cork. The panel's unique construction ensures superior sound absorption, making it an ideal choice for walls and ceilings.

Designed with a highly elastic polyvinyl diaphragm and a wavy-shaped porous material, the VISTO panel excels at absorbing sound waves within the frequency range of 400-650 Hz – the frequencies most commonly associated with human voices.

Each VISTO panel is available in a 100x60cm size, expertly crafted to fit most spaces seamlessly. The panel's lightweight design ensures convenience during storage and transport, with a weight that won't strain resources.

Installing the VISTO panel is a breeze. These panels can be easily mounted on walls and ceilings with an adhesive, allowing for quick installation without the need for professional assistance. Alternatively, they can be also placed in drywall systems between layers of gypsum board construction. 

VISTO panel has a fire resistance class of B, s1 - d0.

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